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Blog Post 11:Research Essay Summary


My research essay is about how the ethics of video games are not progressing as quickly as its advancement in technology. Gaming journalism is still mostly biased, women don't receive fair or equal treatment as men in the same gaming professions as them, and game publishers are selling uncompleted, retail-feature lacking to customers. All of these are bad practices in the video game industry  that need to be changed, reformed, or abolished.

The resource that I found particularly valuable was an article written by Leah Burrows on The Boston Globe. The article, titled Women Remain Outsiders in The Video Game Industry, provided me with factual statistics, a personal antidote, and other credible information that I implemented in the video game gender ethics section of my multimodal essay.

When it comes to unanswered questions on unknown video game ethics, I don't think that exists. Most ethical problems in the video game industry are typically known to the general public. People have the solution to these ethical problems, but no one in the video game industry wants to be the first or pivotal figure for this new era of game ethics, because the game publications, developers, and press are all profiting off of these unimplemented changes.

Blog Post 12: Constructing A Good Multimodal Research Essay (My Perspective)

Throughout this semester, I've learned many important aspects of how to construct a strong multimodal research essay. In addition, I've also learned that a multimodal research essay requires the right balance of textual, visual, and auditory appeals in order to carry a strong, persuasive argument to the readers.

The first step in constructing a good research essay is having a strong question or point you, as a author, would like to discuss. This questional thesis should be overarching and be present in idea throughout the essay. In addition, there should be other subpoints that correlate to the main research question, but provide insight to the topic/controversy at hand.

There should also be other information that also links the subpoints and the research question together. Expert opinions, factual information, and progress on the controversy should also be mentioned in the essay. The essay must also discuss both aspects of the controversy, both pro and con.

When it comes to the visual and auditory aspects of the essay, subtle additions to the essay can really persuade readers to your points/aspects of the arguments. Too much however, and the essay loses its presence in what its trying to evoke. Adding too many pictures confuses the reader in what he/her is supposed to focus on, and can actually weaken your argument. Focusing on passage breaks and transitions and adding multimedia there can really help visually summarize what the point was about, or show a certain perspective on the point you're trying to get across.


Blog Post 9: Did The Internet Raise Us?

Boy hugging computer

In an age where so much information is easily accessible to everyone, its safe to say that the internet has a huge influence on us. Everyday, people interact with the internet in some sort of way, from sharing pictures on Instagram, reading articles, or watching videos on YouTube. But, has the internet becoming a bigger part of our lives really made us less intelligent or sharper as human beings?

Simply put, the answer is no. I agree with Rheingold that the information we interact with on the internet is solely based upon our choices and decisions. Whether its a friends photos online, a movie you want to watch because of a trailer you saw on YouTube, or a news article you clicked on Facebook because it had an interesting headline, we all choose the content we see on the internet. So why are people like Nicholas Carr saying the internet is causing a decline in intelligence among humans?

This is because of how physical content has been transferred into the digital realm. Many people feel like they don't need to retain general facts or information because they feel they can summon the information through a Siri or Google Now voice command. But this doesn't mean that human beings aren't becoming less sharper, I feel as if human beings are becoming more intelligent and well upkept with current events with society. Now more than ever, people are interacting with what's happening around them, and are exchanging information/opinions on Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Whether they intended to or not, people at the end of the day are learning from each other, even if they don't comment or interact. As long as their viewing, spectating in the medium where they gain information, people who use the internet are learning and becoming smarter, regardless of Carr's claims.

Blog Post 5:Analyzing Multimodal Texts


This picture, produced by Coca-Cola, is trying to appeal to people who consume beverages, and Coca-Cola in general. The advertisement also shows how Coca-Cola is trying to play to people's emotions, with the two slogans in the ad both are mentioning something about opening or choosing the happy can. The purpose of this ad is to try to win people over by the appeal of emotion by trying to blur the lines between the emotion happy and Coca-Cola's products. Once the mindset Coca-Cola = Happiness has been established into people's heads, people will be more welcoming to the idea of buying Coke, because they, as all human beings want, is to be happy. This is why Coca-Cola is affiliating with the emotion of happiness. Lastly, the "Open Happiness" slogan underneath the opening of the can is sort of an indirect invitation,putting a subliminal thought in people's mind that would go like "You should go buy a Coca-Cola. It'll make your day or brighten your day up a little."

Blog Post 2: Social Media Today


Social Media has drastically changed how we interact, socialize, and create first impressions of people in today's time. In addition, each social media shows a different persona, or aspect of ourselves. for example, Instagram can show our artsy side through pictures, or Twitter can show how politically active we are through our tweets.Through social media, we can see how people express them when given a certain medium to interact with.

Social Media also has created a shift in how we interact with higher ups, CEOs, and Corporations. Nowadays we are one tweet away from asking corporations about their products and giving them feedback. Vice Versa, in the same situation, corporations market and try to create a sense of appeal of their products by using social media.(McDonalds,Target,etc.)