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Blog Post#12

In my multimedia research essay i will include several images depicting examples of technology making us lazy. They support my evidence about my thesis by providing a visual image. They tend to work the same way a quote from an article would but don't use nearly as much words. It will allow your mind to paint a picture for the support used in the writing and produce a better argument. I am relying on my images to just provide support for my evidence.

Blog Posts #11

Technology is making us more lazy and very dependent on advances that make our lives easier. Basically every aspect of our life has been surrounded by the use of technology and its advancements. The most simple tasks we give ourselves are being handled by machines every time. Affecting several aspects ranging from children to cars that drive themselves, it is a lot to discuss when making this conclusion.I have learned that these particular devices help to make our lives easier but hinder us in the long run. My research also has helped me to understand the readings a tad better. They give a better understanding of how technology affects us as a whole and in individual situations. I would like to consider how we can prevent technology completely handicapping us.

Blog Post #10

In our society, computers and their uses are becoming more and more ubiquitous. In schools sites such as D21 or Brightspace are used for educational purposes. For sites such as these, there should definitely be a chance to negotiate those terms given to you. These websites are a necessity for efficient data calculations. Therefore, privacy should also be granted to every participant using them.

I think schools should definitely have an obligations to ensure privacy and intellectual property rights. These college classes we take force us to interact with the websites. Therefore, we should be entitled to privacy for sites required for use in particular classes. However, colleges and other education institutions should not be obligated to negotiate these terms. A student either wants to agree or does not agree. There is also an option to take a different class because all of them do not require the same sites for classwork or homework. Classes can be offered that do not even involve the use of any sites. I also do not believe that schools should be forced to provide TOS;DR-style explanations in these particular courses. The responsibility should remain solely on the student.

Blog #7: Defining Plagiarism

Plagiarism can best be defined as using another person’s words or ideas without giving any due credit. The definition may change from person to person but this act is still a common crime. These criminals range from any age in our world today. The likelihood of an adult plagiarizing Sometimes a small number of people are affected and other times everyone is affected. The original writer or idealist of these stolen words will lose their recognition for their personal work. Anyone can copy them and make a profit or fame for it. I would be completely angry if I were to find out someone else is making money from my idea. It is not fair that it is so easy to take and copy someone else’s work. The work the WPA does with the writing and workshops to prevent these acts such as raising awareness.
As Rebecca Schuman stated in the blog post, plagiarism is becoming more commonplace. Consequently, it is making the resolution of this problem a little more difficult to achieve. What are the solutions? Well, you can easily find the people who do get caught plagiarizing. In turn, the writer that has stolen another’s work will be punished but not too harshly. They will still face some type of consequence. I feel that this would be the best method of policing plagiarism efficiently. If you were to take a more harsh punishment such as jail time it would become a social problem rather quickly. You can best avoid plagiarism by giving credit to the owner of the words or ideas. There are a couple of ways to give credit. One of them is citing. Work citing will allow you to give all information needed and keep the original format. The WPA helps with certain things such as that to lower the chances of having to plagiarize from the beginning.
In conclusion, stealing someone elses work is not fair and should not be tolerated any further. These simple measures can be taken to police this activity and allow every writer to receive their accreditation. Help stop plagiarism!

Blog Post #3 Technology and Autonomy

Technology affects personal autonomy by making it easier to complete self-tasks. Innovations allows these certain devices to make our everyday lives easier. As a result, self-governance is being influenced. People are able to complete daily errands without the aid of another person. Technological advances also can hinder our personal autonomy by causing us to become lazier. These advances produce a safety net for some people to take advantage of. A typical person will abuse these benefits provided to us. Vital information and communication technologies have changed how decisions are made in the business world also. Access to advanced software allows employees to really experience a first hand with autonomy. Technology has a huge impact on personal autonomy.

Every individual has the right to protect themselves online. It is their choice whether or not they should indulge in releasing personal information out into the online world. No person is forced to posts their private thoughts and feelings out into public. If privacy is that big of an issue, those particular people should stay away from technology as a whole. Stated by Godin and Richardson, every individual has a responsibility to themselves to protect their own online information. Both authors emphasize technology and the online world. Often, it is thought of a violation of privacy. This violation is a necessity when dealing with protection. It is a right that must be given up to protect the better interest of the country.

Autonomy is an important value that should be protected. Our basic civil right to live as we shall is worth giving up a small amount of online privacy. We are never truly autonomous. Everyone is surveillanced by someone. By people relying on jobs as a source of money, we are indirectly relying on another person. As a result, our idea of complete freedom from a government will never be met. We will always rely on someone throughout our lives. Thus, freedom must be exchanged for protection. Small precautions help to prevent a catastrophe. Personal autonomy can only be a good thing when it relates to independence. It helps us to become more self-dependent and less reliant.