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Last But Not Least ; Blog 12

Throughout this semester, Dr.Wharton has exposed us to so many new ways of doing things. She has taught us how to change a plain text research essay into an essay that contains multimodal compositions. I know for me, when I think of an essay, I think of times new roman, 12 font, and black words on white paper. I would have never imagined images being placed into a piece of work and it still qualifies as a research essay, or any essay for that matter. Being the visual person that I am, working with a multimodal styled essays is extremely helpful. The multimedia components help me further explain my argument. However, I am not the one to rely on images or videos to explain my thoughts or to explain the actual context of the argument. The images being used in my research essay will do nothing more than be a visual aid to help further explain its matching argument or claim.

Another beneficial aspect of working with multimodal essays is the freedom to express your creativity.  Mainly referring to the actual layout of the essay. I personally do not mind the times new roman, 12 font, typed, double spaced paper. In my opinion, it’s the easiest to read and it has a professional look to it. So of course, that’s the style I’ll be sticking with.


Research Gone Wrong , Blog 11


Throughout majority of my research process, I focused on one particular question, “How has the progression of technology affected the doctor patient relationship?” In the beginning of my research, I basically made the claim that the progression of technology was very harmful to the doctor patient relationship, which I should have never done. This should give you a sense of how biased the beginning of my research became. Due to a lack of understanding of what a RESEARCH paper was, I would intentionally go out looking for sources that supported my thesis statement.  I really regret doing this because going back to fix it became very time consuming. From now on, I am going to conduct research the correct way, with an unbiased mind, and I will not be recommending this method to anyone nor will I partake in it ever again. It wasn't until I was more than half way into the research process when I began to realize that I was on the verge of trapping myself into writing a one page paper which would eventually end up talking about nothing. After recognizing the problem and fixing it, writing an 1800 word paper didn't seem so frightening anymore.

As I got further into my research, I began to look at different aspects of the issue regarding the doctor patient relationship and technological progression. Once reevaluating my proposed question, I began to think outside of the box. My final research question ended up being “How is technology being used to cause such harmful effects on the relationship between a doctor and their patient? I haven't gotten a concrete answer yet, however, I have found some possible answers, such as wanting to conserve time and money. What do you all think could be some possible factors?

#8 Should this very post be protected?

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I’m going to focus on our personal works such as, the annotated bibliographies that we finished a few weeks ago. The concept of our annotated bibliographies, were to discuss and report the analyses made on our sources. Majority of the summaries were opinion based, and reflected what we thought a certain source accomplished or did not accomplish. I’m sure no one took a paragraph from their source and copied it word for word used that as their summary. Because majority of the summaries were opinion based and our own thoughts, these annotated bibliographies cannot be accused of or characterized as improper use of copy written works.

Now it would be a different situation if we, the authors of the annotated bibliographies, were trying to protect our summaries under the copyright law. It would be pointless but then again, it’s up to the author. Also, because they are referencing additional works not done by them in their summaries, they would have to take the necessary procedures to give those authors their credit. The process is too time consuming. Especially with the possibility that your work will never be seen. The only place that I could see where the copyright protection could possibly come into hand is during the actual research paper, like final draft and all. However, your research paper would have to make a new claim that no one has really touched on. The research and the finding are not all going to be original, but they are exceedingly close.

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Descriptive Writing : To be or NOT to be ” Too Abstract “

In Maguire’s article The Secret to Good Writing: It's About Objects, Not Ideas, he discusses his beliefs on where he thinks college students go wrong when writing an english paper. Maguires thesis is that when students are writing, their papers become too abstract. To fully understand what Maguire’s meant by “too Abstract” I first had to define it. I used google and concluded that Abstracted ment an idea or something that could not physically be touched. So now i have a better understanding of Maguire’s personal thoughts of student writers.In my opinion,  he is not calling us dumb or down talking our writing but simply saying how majority our writings are all over the place with no real meaning. We leave a lot of ideas open for interpretation and that is where our biggest mistake happens. I personally can not take a stand on if I agree with him or not because I have never had someone tell me that I was too abstract in a paper. However, now that I better understand what abstract means, I would not be surprised if someone pointed out a few abstract papers of mine.I as a student writer myself am not by any circumstances offended by Maguires opinion. Why? because most of it is true. From kindergarten, we are taught to do things a certain way that same method follows us up to the 12th grade. Yeah, there may be a little modification here and there but for the most part, one plus one is still two. Then we get into these private Universities and as soon as we walk through their doors, we are expected to know their teachings.This is a problem when you were raised learning something different. In my opinion, its the teachings, not so much the students.  Towards the end of the article, Maguire poses a method that he believes will help improve student writing. If we make our ideas into something tangible, for example, calling love a sharp knife, then those ideas become more clear to ourselves and most importantly, our readers. This method could potentially be useful for visual learners like myself, but what about the linguistic learners who create their ideas in open space and rely on assumption or interpretation from their audience? Linguistic meaning the use of language. Then how can this method be beneficial for them? Because Not everyone has the same learning style, Maguire can not just suggest one way of doing something to different groups of people.

Defining Literacy

Khouri Moore

Engl 1102: Blog 1

January.23, 2015

Defining Literacy

Literacy can be defined in several different ways. The definition just depends on who you ask. According to google, literacy is simply defined as the ability to read and write but I agree to disagree. I believe that literacy is the ability to understand and master a certain subject or area. This concept is not limited to reading and writing. However, I also believe that reading and writing is the foundation of all other literacies. Take a mechanic for example, I’m pretty sure there is some reading required to complete a task that he/she has to complete but reading may not be their strongest suit. This doesn’t stop them from getting the job done.

People can be literate in many different areas. Think about the math teachers who stumbles over words while reading, or the English professor that cannot perform long division in their heads. They are not illiterate, they just specialize in a certain area of literacy.

Literacy or the state of being literate is very important in my opinion. It makes understanding what goes on in today’s society a lot easier. Which brings me to my next point, new literacies. One of the questions in the prompt was, Are workers who have limited or no textual literacy better at “new” literacies? For me to answer this question, I had to first learn what is meant by “new” literacies. In this case, new literacies refers to new ways literacy is made possible through digital technology. Based off of googles definition, I would have to say no, workers who are out of touch or limited to textual literacies could not be better at new literacies. Technology is a very complicated concept that we have adopted into our lives, and anyone who uses any form of technology knows that reading is a required literacy to have in order to use that certain technology in the right way.