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Blog Post 12: Multimodality

In my multimodal research essay, which highlights the controversial issue of whether or not the excessive use of social media and technological communication is good or bad for society, I have added some images that support some of the topics and sources that I incorporated into my multimodal research essay. My research essay will include visual, linguistic, and spacial modes while I make my argument. For example, when I talked about how the social media site Instagram is what people use to depict their beauty and how they want people to characterize them, I posted a picture of the logo which also depicted what it was and what you can do on this social media website. In my multimodal research essay, I have many statistics, so I will be providing a graph that proves the credibility of these stats in my research paper. Furthermore, since I mentioned a TEDtalk by Sherry Turkle, I will be posting a link to her video in my essay as well. These multimodal compositions that I will incorporate into my research essay are all supporting evidence for the sources that I talked about in my research essay. All of these compositions have their own contextual language as well because each of them are sending a message to the audience.

I believe that adding multimodal composition to my research essay really helped increase the credibility of my essay because they were all sources from researchers, academic scholars, and professionals. Furthermore, adding multimodal composition to my research essay really helps the audience understand the different viewpoints about what other sources think about this controversial issue as well as my argument about this issue. It will add more evidence to the argument that I am making on my research paper, which highlights that the excessive use of social media is actually bad for society (pertaining to kids and adolescents.) It makes my research essay more interesting to read as well. There is more detailed information. Not all information has to be linguistic, it can be visual as well.

To present my argument in this research essay, I have decided to divide up my paper into subtopics that portray the benefits of this issue as well as the negative aspects of it. I will have a literature review section in my research essay. I will use the spatial mode to space out the information in my essay. Then I will have another subtopic making my argument about what side I choose and provide evidence about my argument. I will make the subtopics in bold, which will make it more apparent for the audience to see. The font size will also be a little bigger. These are the ways on how I will present my argument in this multimodal research essay.




The Controversial Issue: Blog Post #11

Throughout all the research that I have conducted throughout the semester about whether or not the excessive use of social media and technological communication, such as texting, is good or bad for society, I realized that many different researchers and scholars have alternative viewpoints of this controversial issue. After reading about Rheingold’s “Crap Detection” method, I really knew how to differentiate my sources by understanding the credibility of each source. Furthermore, many different sources written by scholars and professionals either believed that the excessive use of social media and technological communication is good for you, while others believed that it was bad for you. Some researchers had a neutral topic on this issue. After conducting much research, I learned that the cons of the excessive use of social media and technological communication exceed the pros, which led me to my final conclusion about this controversial topic.

Some of the research that I conducted was very elaborate and greatly asserted the cons to be more crucial and important than the pros. For example, according to an article called, “Social Media Causing A ‘Distancing Phenomena’ To Take Place,” Regina Graham, a psychologist, said that social media affects face to face interactions and this was portrayed when the source talked about cyber bullying among the youth and its effect on them by causing depression to occur. Cyber-bullying is a widespread problem still occurring to this day as many adolescents spend an excessive amount of their time on social media.

One really valuable source that I found while conducting my research for my essay was a TEDTalk by Sherry Turkle, a professor from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who mentions in her TEDTalk, that we are all "socialable robots," because of our connection to the virtual world.  Even colleagues in work places do not properly greet one another. I really agreed with her stance on this issue. She makes a great point! However, as I have mentioned earlier, some sources elaborated on the pros of this controversial issue other than the cons. Because of this, one question that ultimately comes to my mind is what other people, most importantly adolescents and young adults, believe is the right answer. Is the excessive use of social media and technological communication essentially good for you or bad for you?

Blog Post #9: The Effects of Technology

Rheingold's argument talks about technology and media and its effects on adolescents as they are in a learning environment. Technology is affecting us in both positive and negative ways. I believe it just depends on how we use the technology that really establishes whether or not it is good or bad for us. I believe that it is possible for us to be mindful while paying attention to the attention because in all honesty it just depends where our main focus is. We can be consumed in technology, such as on our phones and still be able to know what is going on around our surroundings. It honestly just depends on the type of person that you are and if you can or cannot multi-task. Rheingold talks about the students in his class and whether or not they were searching the web to grasp information that he was teaching the class. I believe that google and many other websites provide really good substantial information that can really benefit us in positive ways. It can help us further our education because some of the websites on the internet are credible sources.

We are all internet users and we do have a responsibility of ensuring the quality of information that circulates the web because we all use the web for some similar purposes. What we do on the web becomes permanent so it is our responsibility to make the best decisions while we are on the web. Also, the information that we put on the web, such as some blogs or wikis should be real facts so that we can help others out as well, if they use our information as secondary sources. Some of the information online are obviously not credible and knowing that some of the websites that might be altered by some people such as Wikipedia, helps us sort the bad information. For my multimodal annotated bibliography, I mostly used scholarly sources that provided credibility as they were written by academic professionals and scholars. This really established the credibility for my bibliography.

For me personally, I believe that using the web during education and learning really helps me personally because I can connect more to what my professor is saying when I look up the definitions of words that I do not know or look up the summary of a particular text that I do not understand. It benefits me in a positive way. However, by being hovered with a bunch of media including excessive cell phone use and laptop use for recreational purposes, I do not get benefitted at all. It does not let me concentrate on more important things. I cannot multi-task while using my phone. It is very difficult for me. To prevent distraction from the media, I basically turn it off and put it on the side when I do not need to use it. I tell myself that since they are a distraction, I need to focus on what I am doing now, whether it be studying or something else that is equally important. Technology has its perks and downsides in my life.

Analyzing Multimodal Texts: ” Im Lovin It”- Group 2


Advertisements are used by many companies and large corporations all over the world. The author of advertisements use these ads to sell their product and raise more revenue. McDonalds, a large corporation, found all over the world also does this. McDonalds is a fast food restaurant enjoyed by many Americans here in the United States. I mean, think about it. Who doesn't love their delicious burgers and fries? It is so good and appetizing. This McDonalds advertisement is advertising The Angus Third Pounder to raise revenue. I picked this advertisement because it was very appealing to me and I personally am a huge fan of McDonalds. Through the advertisement's use of the visual image of the burger and how appetizing it looks because of the clear image that the ad portrays, it persuades the audience, who are Americans, to buy this product. The advertisement is also persuading the audience to register for the McDonalds website and also get one free big Mac. The author of this advertisement, who is most likely a person who works in the large corporation of McDonalds, is using linguistic context by letting the audience know that if they do register they will get a Big Mac. The ad is using many different forms of propaganda to influence people to buy this product and it is also advertising the company of McDonalds so it can become even more famous. The advertisement is doing this by the visual images that it is using in its sign. The advertisement is targeting Americans and people all over the world. The author of this advertisement uses visual and textual context to persuade the audience to buy this wonderful and appealing meal. The style of this advertisement is the clear-cut images and textual language that it uses by providing incentives to registering for McDonalds, as well as buying the Angus Third Pounder. The advertisement also mentions that it will throw in a free premium chicken sandwich. This portrays the genre of this ad as it does have a lot of style put into it and the emphasis of a lot of detail put into this one advertisement. Another aspect that the author put into this advertisement is to promote positivity among Americans. The largest words on this advertisement poster reads, “i’m lovin’ it.” This reveals linguistic context that the author put into this poster to promote positivity and that McDonalds makes everybody happy. The alignment of this phrase corresponds with the words underneath this phrase, which reads “THE ANGUS THIRD POUNDER…GET YOURS TODAY!” As you can see, the author of this appealing advertisement uses many forms of rhetorical devices to campaign McDonalds to raise revenue and publicize this famous fast food restaurant.

Social Media in the Workplace- Blog Post 2

Social media is used by many people and companies all around the world. It has changed the way others perceive one another and it is also a way through which different companies and businesses communicate with one another. Large companies and businesses use blogging as a way to communicate with other people around the world and sell itself to individuals to make a profit. Most companies use blogging to attract a larger audience of people so that they can sell their product. For example Images USA, a company that my dad works in requires that employees  make a twitter to make communication between individuals easier and also to sell their product. Youtube advertisements were also used so that my dad’s company could sell their products. Social media and blogging does play a huge role in work places as employers of companies use it to communicate with others, express how they are feeling, what they are doing, and etc. Facebook, twitter, and Instagram are three main social media websites used by millions of people. Employers should be careful of what they post on these websites because if they degrade or say anything negative about their company, then they will get fired. The CEO of different companies do check their employers’ social media and this determines whether or not they will or will not stay in the job market. For example, my sister had a part time job in McDonalds last summer where employers checked their employees Facebook every 3 months. They were very strict about the information that the employees posted. I believe that social media use in the workplace has both positive and negative effects. If the people in the job use it in a beneficial way and blog positive things that will not affect them in their workplace, then it is perfectly okay. However, if the employee does not use it properly and complains/degrades their job in any way or just post unnecessary things, then it is not a good thing. Another concern that employers have about their employees using social media and blogging in the workforce is that it decreases productivity as the employees are too engaged in Facebook or Twitter that their focus in the job is decreasing. This is why I believe that a lot of workplaces ban the use of cell phones so that people can actually focus on their job and do their job right, instead of excessively blogging on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and etc. Social media and blogging is used on a day to day basis and even I am guilty of it as I do use Twitter and Instagram a lot to blog about how I feel, what I am doing, and post pictures with captions on Instagram.