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Blog Posts #10 – Who Owns Your Education Data

"I have read and agree to the Terms of Service," is in fact the biggest lie on the internet.  The terms and conditions of many online websites, applications, school sites and other things have always been overlooked by many, let alone skimmed through.  People unknowingly can be agreeing to give away all of their  information that they post without even knowing because of how tedious it can be to read and understand the extensive terms of conditions of many sites.  The simplification for quick understanding of terms and conditions could greatly help those who would be unaware of what they are signing.  Personally i have only read through maybe a third of a Terms and Conditions from anything in my life simply because i knew what i wanted to do within the app but found it too tedious and time consuming to actually read the whole thing.

In the crowdsourced project TOS;DR, i found it very interesting what the terms of service were for major websites and how they could keep and use your personal browsing info for multiple purposes.  After going over multiple reviews of websites like youtube, Facebook, twitpic, and Skype it makes me think twie about joining sites like that simply because you ultimately have no control over anything.  For example the three companies i just stated have the ability to change their terms whenever they want without notification which is very troubling.  Also when you delete things you may not be able to see them but the company running the site will still and always have information or evidence of what you deleted, which i believe is not very good.  Some applications such as Skype will not allow you to delete your account after it has been created.  It will always be there in some way.

Things like that make me feel that it would be a good choice to allow the user to interact and negotiate with the terms and conditions of using a site or app, ESPECIALLY if changes are being made.  I would not appreciate it if i was using a educational technology such as D2L/Brightspace and long after I'm finish using it an outside party would be able to view my browsing.  I strongly believe that there should be  laws to set limits on what terms of service all web apps providers can require.  The most important thing is that users of these apps need to pay closer attention and educate their selves on the terms of service of the web apps they are using. Paying attention to fine print is the way to go after researching this topic.

Blog Post #7 Defining Plagiarism

Plagiarism is defined by Wikipedia as the “wrongful appropriation” and “stealing and publication” of another author’s “language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions.”  I personally feel that it is wrong to take the work of someone else and credit it as your own.  In a academic setting though, i feel that even though it is still wrong the disciplinary actions are a bit extreme in most cases.  Most universities would possibly kick a student out of school if found guilty of plagiarism on just one assignment.  Instead of punishing a student and stopping their road to higher learning completely i believe just a failing grade on the assignment would be enough.  There are multiple angles and steps that should be taken when it comes to plagiarism that could be more helpful.

A meeting of the student and instructor could be held to solve further plagiarism.  "Why did the student plagiarize?" should be a goto question.  It could indeed the fact that the lesson or assignment that is being given by the instructor not meaningful or too generic for the student?  Is there something going on in the students personal life that could be effecting the amount of energy they can put into the work.  If these are some of the things that could be in play the instructor has a duty which is to help the students learn the best way possible.  The instructor could try a different way of gibing a lesson plan or try helping the student out with their schedule to insure that the work can be done in an organized manner without plagiarism.  It is not only the students responsibility to do their work and not plagiarize but also the instructor responsibility to give the most memorable and effective way of learning for students.

Blog Post #3 Autonomy In The Digital World

As of right now the idea of autonomy in the digital world sounds good but i believe it can not be achieved.  I believe that privacy of ones information and image would be good but as Rosenberg stated it would take policy making on different sites and platforms.  Until that becomes achievable a person should responsibly control their information and image that is put into the digital world.   With the continued advancement and availability to so much information on the web actual privacy of ones information, pictures and lifestyle  is something that will be open for everybody to see.  The digital world is open for not only the government to retrieve information but your job/company and other random people to view and interpret.

The internet is a public place which is watched by the masses so i agree with Godin and Richardson that a person holds responsibility to protect their information and image.  I feel things that a person finds sensitive and personal for their life should not be put online on things like social media and blogs because it is open for criticism and surveillance.  A persons image is what they have and it could represent their company and brand.  Some things such as feelings whether nice or not towards a person or thing should be carefully put on the internet because it can put a negative light to ones self or the company who you represent on a day to day bases.

Autonomy is something that should be protected because everyone has the right to keep what they want private.  Unfortunately trying to be private in the current digital world is like trying to be private on a stage in front of a crowd.  Hopefully in the future there will be policies put in place to allow people to express their selves and vent their personal problems and keep it private on some type of platform.  Until that day i believe that responsibility and good decision making is the most important thing when diving into the digital world with your information, personal life and image.