Are We Asking For It?

I believe that those who put themselves online are almost giving away their right to autonomy. We agree to the terms and services without reading them. We enter our emails, home addresses, and phone numbers into sites on a weekly basis. When we do things like this, are we asking for it? Privacy is something to be valued, but times have changed. Nowadays, if someone wants to protect their autonomy or privacy, they have to make an effort. You have to avoid social media sites, sites like google or bing, avoid credit cards to           prevent identity theft, etc. In this age, we cannot be truly autonomous in most areas of life. Are we asking for the government intrusion and interference that Rosen speaks about? To a certain extent, yes.

That being said, as humans, we have learned to profit of the exploitation of others. We might be putting ourselves out there, but that doesn’t necessarily give the big guys the right to take advantage. Facebook is becoming more lax on their privacy policies and more and more apps are being developed like linkedin and foursquare where people can check in at different places, basically leaving a trail of their locations. Google does not forget. Just like in Seth Godin's blog post "Personal Branding in the Age of Google", if you are looking for a job employers can simply google your same to find out everything about you. Unfortunately, this can end up in unemployment or worse for many who are irresponsible online.

In certain cases, I am thankful for the lack of privacy and autonomy. I think that a lot of good can come from government involvement in our daily lives. In a way, it protects us. I am not trying to sound big brother-y, but there are definite pros to their involvement. If we didn't have outside sources there, I can't image what would happen. So many people are incarcerated from evidence found online and that protects us. The government is allowed to trace calls from bomb threats or 911 calls to capture the guilty and save the innocent. Could things like these have been done without government interference? I do not think so.

One thought on “Are We Asking For It?”

  1. Yes we are asking for it. We are being to trusting and it leaves us vulnerable for whatever consequence that can come from giving out to much personal information. The example of credit cards for instance, trusting that there’s no one interfering with the site to see your information given for purchase. Someone is always watching and now they have access to your funds, to your identity, your life and etc. There have been so many identity theft cases within the presence of the internet and technology that its a true shame. I am sure that criminals that mode of operation is identity theft are absolutely thankful and are taking advantage of a society so vulnerable.

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