Blog Post #3 Autonomy In The Digital World

As of right now the idea of autonomy in the digital world sounds good but i believe it can not be achieved.  I believe that privacy of ones information and image would be good but as Rosenberg stated it would take policy making on different sites and platforms.  Until that becomes achievable a person should responsibly control their information and image that is put into the digital world.   With the continued advancement and availability to so much information on the web actual privacy of ones information, pictures and lifestyle  is something that will be open for everybody to see.  The digital world is open for not only the government to retrieve information but your job/company and other random people to view and interpret.

The internet is a public place which is watched by the masses so i agree with Godin and Richardson that a person holds responsibility to protect their information and image.  I feel things that a person finds sensitive and personal for their life should not be put online on things like social media and blogs because it is open for criticism and surveillance.  A persons image is what they have and it could represent their company and brand.  Some things such as feelings whether nice or not towards a person or thing should be carefully put on the internet because it can put a negative light to ones self or the company who you represent on a day to day bases.

Autonomy is something that should be protected because everyone has the right to keep what they want private.  Unfortunately trying to be private in the current digital world is like trying to be private on a stage in front of a crowd.  Hopefully in the future there will be policies put in place to allow people to express their selves and vent their personal problems and keep it private on some type of platform.  Until that day i believe that responsibility and good decision making is the most important thing when diving into the digital world with your information, personal life and image.

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