Technology What do You Really Do

Technology acts a an enabler and a harm to autonomy. It is also not the only source of this issue. Google tracks your search history to aim advertisements at you to best get your money. On the flip side blog sites like reddit or imgur allow you to post your opinions anonymously to allow you not to worry about the opinions of others. Which brings me to the other culprit society's norms.

Technology definitely harms our autonomy at some points. Websites like Facebook and Google track your usage data. This allows them to pick and choose advertisements in order to increase the likelihood that you buy the advertised product.  Cameras have also been placed everywhere and allowed government agencies to watch everything we do. Only recently in Atlanta street cameras at red lights were taken down due to the infringement on personal privacy.

Technology can aid our autonomy however. The internet acts as a wonderful anonymous medium.  Blog sites allow users to post content without having to attach their name to their opinions. Reddit enforces a rule that its users aren't allowed to display information that would reveal who they are. Whether or not this anonymity is a good thing in a General sense is uo to debate, but it definitely protects privacy. Technology also allows people with disenting opinions to voice them more than ever. In just 2011 the government added a portion of their website which allows people to submit e petitions to their lawmakers. This makes it much easier to voice discontent with the current system.

Finally technology isn't the only culprit in the case of autonomy removal. Society is one of the main contributors. Social media sites have been said to harm autonomy for individuals. It is said that people in certain businesses need to watch what they say for fear of being fired from their job.  This isn't a product of the technology but rather a product of society. If society didn't asociate the opinions of someone with their personal worth then the things posted on social media wouldn't be a problem. There would be no need to censor yourself without the opinions of others.

At the end of the day your autonomy is yours to decide what to do with. It can be increased or decreased depending on how you use technology. It is a decision that you have to make as an individual and not something that is made for you.

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  1. It’s always a nice option to be able to write, post, or blog anonymously.
    It makes me wish that on Facebook you didn’t HAVE to use your actual name, you could instead use a pseudonym.

  2. I love how you pointed out that some social sites allow you to post anonymously. However, I could not help but think how anonymous do we really think we can get? Yes, our government name might not be linked to a site but there are other ways the government can track us. For instance if we are using our personal computer we can be tracked by our I.P. address. So anonymous blogging is only anonymous to users not the government. So I would have to disagree with your beliefs in anonymous posting being a contributing factor to our privacy. I do believe that the government has Americans under their watchful eyes. Now when it comes to your ideas about social media harming the autonomy of individuals. I know that this past month a very good friend of mine was fired from Home Depot because something he posted on Facebook. However, Home Depot the company did not have knowledge of his post. A co-worker brought it to the manager attention and the manager fired him. So sometimes social media can be harmful depending on your followers beliefs. Everything you post on the web will be criticized and users need to know that. If you think something might result in negative feedback do not post it.

  3. Couldn’t have said that any better. In today’s society we tend to be way to relaxed and offer up so much of ourselves that privacy is a thing of the past. When you say that technology is a product of society I totally agree technology is what we make it. If we use it immaturely than we can only expect negative results. It has nothing to do with the passing of stricter laws.

  4. This is a great way to point out the flaws in thinking that the “private” button actually works. Majority of times when you google someone’s name the first thing that will come up is that persons facebook or twitter. This is a serious problem but one that can no longer be helped. We as a society are past the point where we can keep our posts private. If you want to be private 100% the safest way is to not use social media.

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