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Autonomy is something special that we as humans hold dear to us. The ability to freely do as a you wish is something that all people believe in, within reason of course, but as we come into the age of Social Media we find that our autonomy is slowly deteriorating and here's why.

Privacy is becoming a thing of the past. Anything that is put on the internet is open for any ones eyes to see because the internet is a public domain. Our lives are shared amongst our friends but in truth its shared with everyone. Went shopping with your friends then got a burger and decided to capture the fun with a quick picture for all your friends to see? Not anymore, and it gets worse when privacy is lost between your professional and personal life. A fun night out on the town with your friends bar hopping and a picture of you blacked out can now turn into a nightmare. We are slowly losing our freedom to do things in private and I believe that is a HUGE problem that we have the responsibility to protect.

We as humans have the responsibility to challenge these invasions of privacy and reclaim our autonomy. In Rosen's, "The Deciders", he talks about a case in which GPS tracking devices should be used to tail criminals for surveillance. The case made it to the Supreme Court but could not be decided if GPS tracking was a violation of Constitutional rights because  we have no expectations of privacy in our public movements. However in 2010, Judge Douglas Ginsburg of the U.S. Court of Appeals disagreed with that on the grounds that "No reasonable person expects that his movements will be continuously monitored from door to door; all of us have a reasonable expectation of privacy in the “whole” of our movements in public". I believe this same principle applies to the privacy on the internet in which we all believe to have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Taking to the courts is one possible way of provoking change just as the GPS problem was solved but online we can this is much easier ways like writing a blog, posting a video to spread awareness, and the biggest way to stop the invasion of privacy, stop posting everything that you don't want everyone to know about. Protect your autonomy because it truly is something that makes us human. We learn and grown around the idea that freedom is a God given right that should be provided to us all, but at the end of the day it becomes the users responsibility to protect him or herself.



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  1. Protecting your autonomy is the key to it all. You can say and post whatever it is you feel free to do but it is ultimately up to that person to protect themselves and their autonomy. Society doesn’t care enough to protect themselves but want the government to come up with more laws for privacy. It is very contradictory to me.

  2. I completely agree with the post and Kelly’s comment. There is no question as to the issue of loss of autonomy and privacy on the internet but there are solutions. If people can find a way to stop posting way too much personal information and learn to censor THEMSELVES, instead of asking the government and social media websites to do it for them, the issue of privacy on the internet wouldn’t seem so intense. In the post, the main issue of having the freedom to post whatever you want is what becomes the issue; if you think it is okay to post pictures of you taking down jello shots in your itty bitty bikini from spring break, then you need to be ready to face the consequences that come with posting a picture like that. Privacy can only do so much, but you can do a lot more for yourself by censoring before you post.

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