Blog Post 9: Did The Internet Raise Us?

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In an age where so much information is easily accessible to everyone, its safe to say that the internet has a huge influence on us. Everyday, people interact with the internet in some sort of way, from sharing pictures on Instagram, reading articles, or watching videos on YouTube. But, has the internet becoming a bigger part of our lives really made us less intelligent or sharper as human beings?

Simply put, the answer is no. I agree with Rheingold that the information we interact with on the internet is solely based upon our choices and decisions. Whether its a friends photos online, a movie you want to watch because of a trailer you saw on YouTube, or a news article you clicked on Facebook because it had an interesting headline, we all choose the content we see on the internet. So why are people like Nicholas Carr saying the internet is causing a decline in intelligence among humans?

This is because of how physical content has been transferred into the digital realm. Many people feel like they don't need to retain general facts or information because they feel they can summon the information through a Siri or Google Now voice command. But this doesn't mean that human beings aren't becoming less sharper, I feel as if human beings are becoming more intelligent and well upkept with current events with society. Now more than ever, people are interacting with what's happening around them, and are exchanging information/opinions on Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Whether they intended to or not, people at the end of the day are learning from each other, even if they don't comment or interact. As long as their viewing, spectating in the medium where they gain information, people who use the internet are learning and becoming smarter, regardless of Carr's claims.

2 thoughts on “Blog Post 9: Did The Internet Raise Us?”

  1. I agree with your statement that the information we interact with on the Internet is solely based upon our choices and decisions. I also agree that the Internet does indeed have a major influence on us in 2015. Many people argue that this influence is negative. However, I think there are more pros (connecting with others, access to a wide variety of information, etc.) than cons (speculated loss of intelligence in people with exposure to internet). Nothing has changed in the user or the information, only the medium between those has changed. People made the same argument about television some years ago when TVs were first becoming widely used, but television has changed the way we get our information and how we connect with others. Every time a new technology is invented or innovated, there will always be backlash and speculation about how it will affect us as humans.

  2. i agree with what you have said in this blog post. I myself have done a ample amount of research on this topic and it is solely an individuals decision of what their searching for and doing on the internet. Although i agree with you and Rheingold i also agree with Nicholas Carr to a certain extent. I don’t believe the internet is making us “stupid” but it definitely can have negative effects a persons mind after a prolonged use. At the end of the day the internet has helped society grow way more than it has made people “stupid”.

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