Evaluating the Quality of Information

I agree with Rheingold’s argument. I believe that as researchers and users of the Internet we must be responsible and have the ability to sift through and separate the reliable from the unreliable. A growing problem in today’s society is the means by which we obtain our information. Today’s lifestyle is fast pace and everyone is looking for information in an effortless manner. This is one of the biggest issues that I have uncovered through my research throughout the semester. Users are still unable to separate reliable information from unreliable information because they are looking for the information in the simplest way possible.

Although there is a big burden on us as the consumers to make this distinction, there is also a burden upon the producer to put out quality information. With the rise of social media in today’s society, it is questioning which information is considered quality information and which is not.      Although the issue of circulation of reliable information is much more complex it is definitely a resolvable issue.

One thought on “Evaluating the Quality of Information”

  1. I also see a problem with how society obtains their information. There are hundreds of ways to receive information and data nowadays and none of it is has reliable credibility. There is also no ways to figure out what is reliable and what is not easily. Like you stated in your blog post, wrong information can easily be spread from person to person on an everyday basis.
    Overall, confusion is produced and false and inaccurate knowledge. You did a great job on your post and displaying your information.

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