Crap Detection

        Technology has had a major effect on the way information is distributed in today’s society. As we pass from generation to generation, technology is becoming a big factor in peoples’ lives. Social media are computer-mediated tools that allow people to create, share or exchange information and ideas in a virtual community. In the past decade, social media has risen to the top of the social agenda, becoming a norm in today’s society. Through study it has been shown that the average person spends roughly two hours on social media in a day. Whether they are having a conversation or simply scrolling through their news feed, a substantial amount of time is spent scrolling through social media. In many ways social media has acted as a stimulus, allowing people from around the world to exchange thoughts and ideas, but one can only wonder if social media is doing more harm than good. Social media accounts for a large amount of unreliable information that is spread through the internet. To combat this issue, Rheingold offers a solution. He entitles his screening process "crap detection" in which users perform methods such as background checks on authors and cross references to check the reliability of sources. The application of Rheingold's method can work towards resolving this growing issue.

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  1. I also believe that Howard Rheingold’s method is particularly useful when it comes to our research paper. As he says, young people are most likely to turn to the internet when performing research. In other words, we learn how to properly question the information we find on the internet. In his opinion, this can be done by asking some simple questions such as who is the author, what kind of agenda he may have? Is he bias? What are the author’s sources, website page…is it .org or .edu? And so on… This will allow us to tell the difference between good info and bad info. And that is solely our responsibly not the publisher’s. I agree with you on the idea of using his method to solve the issue of social media and the pool of information.
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