Blog 12

In this class I have been introduced to the idea of multimodal texts which means using two or more modes of communication to make meaning. I found out that all texts are multimodal even a research paper. One might not use an image or sound to tell the story but written language (linguistic mode) and physical arrangement (spatial mode) will be present. The way the text is organized (page margins, page layout/spacing, font type and size, etc.) is how the audience will be able to tell the difference between let’s say a blog and a research paper. The way we use language is also very different. In a blog we might use a more casual language; we might not even be very interested checking for misspelling while in an academic work we need to pay particular attention to word choice and the organization of sentences and paragraphs.  The book says “knowing what kind of text it is, it will influence the way the audience reads it” (Writer Designer pg. 3)  Even though the development of multimodal text is often  correlated with the growth of digital communication technologies, multimodal texts don’t have to be digital.

For my research essay besides the linguistic mode and spatial mode, I will also use the visual mode.  I will include two images to compare the pre-digital age and the modern family. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words…so they say. Images attract and persuade the audience. In my opinion if the images are strong they can support an argument just as a scholarly article would. Speaking of font and font sizes, good choices are Arial 10, Times New Roman 12, and Calibri 12. Always double space the document. I will stick to basic black as my color of choice when it comes to writing a college paper :) Ornate and pseudo (false) handwriting fonts are usually not used for professional purposes.

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