Blog Post 12: Multimodality

In my multimodal research essay, which highlights the controversial issue of whether or not the excessive use of social media and technological communication is good or bad for society, I have added some images that support some of the topics and sources that I incorporated into my multimodal research essay. My research essay will include visual, linguistic, and spacial modes while I make my argument. For example, when I talked about how the social media site Instagram is what people use to depict their beauty and how they want people to characterize them, I posted a picture of the logo which also depicted what it was and what you can do on this social media website. In my multimodal research essay, I have many statistics, so I will be providing a graph that proves the credibility of these stats in my research paper. Furthermore, since I mentioned a TEDtalk by Sherry Turkle, I will be posting a link to her video in my essay as well. These multimodal compositions that I will incorporate into my research essay are all supporting evidence for the sources that I talked about in my research essay. All of these compositions have their own contextual language as well because each of them are sending a message to the audience.

I believe that adding multimodal composition to my research essay really helped increase the credibility of my essay because they were all sources from researchers, academic scholars, and professionals. Furthermore, adding multimodal composition to my research essay really helps the audience understand the different viewpoints about what other sources think about this controversial issue as well as my argument about this issue. It will add more evidence to the argument that I am making on my research paper, which highlights that the excessive use of social media is actually bad for society (pertaining to kids and adolescents.) It makes my research essay more interesting to read as well. There is more detailed information. Not all information has to be linguistic, it can be visual as well.

To present my argument in this research essay, I have decided to divide up my paper into subtopics that portray the benefits of this issue as well as the negative aspects of it. I will have a literature review section in my research essay. I will use the spatial mode to space out the information in my essay. Then I will have another subtopic making my argument about what side I choose and provide evidence about my argument. I will make the subtopics in bold, which will make it more apparent for the audience to see. The font size will also be a little bigger. These are the ways on how I will present my argument in this multimodal research essay.




3 thoughts on “Blog Post 12: Multimodality”

  1. I think that the excessive use of technology and social media is bad for society. I believe in the quote “everything in moderation,” especially if that “everything” is pertaining to social media. I agree with you on the fact that people wanting to flash their beauty use Instagram. It is a way for users to control how other people view them, by choosing only the best versions of themselves to portray and post online. In reality, no one can dictate how a person perceives you. In reality, you are in your raw form, #nofilter.

    I also agree with you on the fact that adding multimodal composition to a research essay makes it more credible. I reference a TEDTalk in my essay as well, and that is a well known agency., as not just anyone can give a presentation there. The use of subtopics will aid in the organization of your essay.

  2. I agree with you as well.Adding multimodal composition to the esssay not only shows the audience a sensory example of your argument or idea,but also gives them another perspective on the arugment or essay you’re trying to present.

  3. I agree with you in the terms of the multimodal aspect of the essay provides a different depth of how deep you really can understand a paper on a more visual plane. Providing the traditional ways of typing words to provide a guidance for the mulitmodal sections. The overuse of social media and technology has definitely hurt us as a society and allows people to portray themselves as an unrealistic version of themselves they wish they can truly be, but they can never can actually obtain, it is quite sad when you contemplate on it.

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