Connecting the dots by Jcook


As of right now I have multiple quotes inside of my paper because my paper relied heavily on the opinion of traditional journalist, bloggers, and users on social media. I am actually relieved that we are able to add images because I wanted to add some graphs that shows how our digital age is effecting our social platform. Sometimes it is very hard trying to explain my views of something to another person without that person having prior knowledge.

My goal for this paper is to make it as simple but powerful as I can. Although, I am still researching different view points of my question I think I have already figured out the solution. So now I have to backtrack my thoughts and try to connect the dots so my readers understand my position on my topic. I never thought about it before but I would not mind putting in a few video clips of the conference I speak so much about in my paper. I am thinking that if you guys are able to hear what I heard at those conferences then maybe the light bulb will turn on as it did in my mind. It was a aw ah moment I had during those videos were I knew it was a problem between journalist ethics and social media.

A few weeks ago, I attended a meeting were a CNN editor gave some great advice to people who inspire to work at CNN. She said you should find articles that you enjoy and you should practice writing like the author. Eventually, we will develop our own form of writing and we would become someone else's favorite writer. Every since she told us that I have been trying to model my work like other authors.

In the past, I received my lowest grades on my essay organization. So this time I was  focusing more on that so I can get better. My ultimate goal as a writer is to be the best I can be. I want to look back over my older articles and cringe because I was horrible then I got better and better. So I think I got a large amount of practice this semester. I do not think I wrote this many rough drafts in my life. LOL

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