Multimedia and me

My essay was sturctured to be easy to read. As I was writing it I made sure it was visually appealing and simple to understand. A lot of this was through proper blocking of the essay. In my essay one major point was to make sure that none of the paragraphs were too long. When they were they looked like walls of text.

The paragraphs that were too long also teded to try to cover too many topics. By paying attention to length it also helped my make sure that paragraphs stayed on topic.  Otherwise there wasn't much multimedia in the research essay but there was some in the proposal. That took the form of imagery of data. It showed a chart to justify one of the claims I made. This chart helped to allow people to see and derive the information that I had. It also worked as evidence that didn't need to be explained. It allowed readers to experience the research that I did as well so they could see where I was developing my opinions from.

Imagery has not affected my writing that much but the spacing of paragraphs has. Making sure they don't drone on has been a big consideration for me when writing.

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  1. I also had trouble getting the right length for my paragraphs. Most of them were too short and some few were just so long that it almost seem as if it the entire paragraph was comprised of run-on sentences. What helped me to fine tune those paragraphs to the right length is to remember the basic structure of a paragraph. Basically it’s the topic, claim, evidence and closing. Those are already four sentences if you phrased them correctly. Extra details are easier to fill in once you have the “skeleton” established.

    Imagery is a great technique to use and can really make your paper more appealing by fabricating it with your own writing voice. Using imagery can fill up your paper quickly before you even notice. In this case, it’s okay to be lengthy as long as your description is very accurate and doesn’t go off topic. The worst thing to happen to a paper is to lose its flow and having off topics occurring frequently.

  2. Reading your blog posts, It seems like you’re focusing on all the right things! Paragraph structure and flow is important, since the majority of the essay’s argument comes from textual information.

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