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Technology plays a major role in human development, especially with my topic of genetic engineering. We are around technology every hour of every day, and the multimodal research project has made me aware of this fact. Most people, including myself, are so used to using technology, that we sort of become blind to the fact that we are using it. It is important to utilize a variety of modes in academic writing. They add diversity and can be more effective in terms of engaging our audience than a paper with all text.

I will be including images in my research essay. I will also be referencing many videos in my essay as well. One such video is called "The Next Species of Human." In this TEDTalk given by Harvard scientist Juan Enriquez, he demonstrates how current technologies, such as hearing aids, have evolved over time and predicts how they will continue to evolve in the future. This source is credible, because TED is well known company, and only the world's most innovative and influential individuals give presentations there. Enriquez uses multimedia such as pictures and video in his speech to illustrate his point, and also utilizes humor to further engage his audience. This source adds diversity to my list of sources used, because it is someone giving a speech on the subject.

Having multimodes puts your abstract ideas into concrete examples and statistics that you can see and hear for yourself, which in turn leads to a better understanding of your topic by your audience. As for the layout and font design, I will keep it simple by using the standard MLA format. The photos, charts, and videos already add to the multimodality of my research essay, and having too much going on could be distracting and confusing for the reader. It is important to have a balance of both so your argument does not get lost or overlooked.


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  1. I agree that today’s generation is blind to its usage and its dependence on technology. Since today’s generation is more attracted towards visual content, I agree that its important that all writers should implement some sort of multimedia content in their articles, essay, or whatever written body of work they write, because it can be more appealing to read to today’s generation as compared to simple textual content, like newspapers.

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