plagirism and you

Plagiriam is something that has only become simpler as access to technology has spread. The rampant use I'm academia stems from a separate issue however. The main villain here is the environment of the student in our current system.

The current definition for plagiarism is not flawed at its core. There is however some leeway with plagiarism that should be added. In the same way that you can copy a video as long as you don't redistribute to gain wealth, you should be able to copy a text to do the same thing. If you quoting from a source doeang harm the sales then there is no reason that quoting them would be harmful.

Attribution has always been a key in plagiarism since its inception. We were told that we could quite as long as we cited the source. I agree with this. The citations allow a reader to go see a work for themselves if a quote intrigues them. The cites don't necessarily have to be as standardized as we have them now but they are important to have the paper not hinder sales.

Finally why did I say the environment was theissue? Let me pose the question, why do students cheat? They Have to get a good grade to keep scholarships and apply to good schools and even get the approval of their peers or parents. This system encourages students who can't do to cheat. There is little incentive to do actual work when the final product will still get a bad grade. This basis of the system is the root of all cheating and I'm turn plagirism.


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  1. Before I comment on the content of you blog, I would really advice you to revise your post for spelling errors and word misplacement.
    The uncommon take on discussing why students plagiarism instead of just mentioning that they do, how they shouldn’t and what should be done about it is, is a refreshing read. I think it’s an entertaining take on how students are not really to blame for plagiarizing, but the system is. I definitely understood your points on why students did it and how some students are…let say ‘set-up’ to plagiarism if they want to get a good grade/evaluation.
    Since in the first paragraph you mentioned how it was the environment that was the main issue when it comes to students plagiarizing, I thought that your supporting evidence would be mentioned much sooner than in the last paragraph. The three main points of why students cheat in the third sentence of the last paragraph all could have been elaborated on and provided with specific details on how they pertain to plagiarism.

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