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Throughout majority of my research process, I focused on one particular question, “How has the progression of technology affected the doctor patient relationship?” In the beginning of my research, I basically made the claim that the progression of technology was very harmful to the doctor patient relationship, which I should have never done. This should give you a sense of how biased the beginning of my research became. Due to a lack of understanding of what a RESEARCH paper was, I would intentionally go out looking for sources that supported my thesis statement.  I really regret doing this because going back to fix it became very time consuming. From now on, I am going to conduct research the correct way, with an unbiased mind, and I will not be recommending this method to anyone nor will I partake in it ever again. It wasn't until I was more than half way into the research process when I began to realize that I was on the verge of trapping myself into writing a one page paper which would eventually end up talking about nothing. After recognizing the problem and fixing it, writing an 1800 word paper didn't seem so frightening anymore.

As I got further into my research, I began to look at different aspects of the issue regarding the doctor patient relationship and technological progression. Once reevaluating my proposed question, I began to think outside of the box. My final research question ended up being “How is technology being used to cause such harmful effects on the relationship between a doctor and their patient? I haven't gotten a concrete answer yet, however, I have found some possible answers, such as wanting to conserve time and money. What do you all think could be some possible factors?

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  1. I really liked how you talked about what you had done wrong at first and how you overcame that by fixing your mistakes. My mistakes were related to yours. When I first started writing our first research paper, which was the proposal, I conducted research on the controversial issue of whether or not the excessive use of social media and technological communication is good or bad for people. I was really biased on one side of the issue by just merely focusing on the negative aspects of this issue, which supported my thesis. I wrote my whole proposal, making an argument about what I believe was right. However, I realized that I was wrong to be biased towards one idea and not provide any other information about what other people had to say about alternative viewpoints. I revised my proposal, making it more presentable and unbiased. Throughout my other research papers, I was not biased towards any side. I believe that being biased towards one side of a controversial issue before taking other sides into account is not good at all.
    Furthermore, to answer your question about other factors regarding technology that causes harmful effects on the relationship between doctor a patient, I believe that the use of technology in the medical field is actually beneficial and that there are potentially no harmful effects on the relationship between the doctor and the patient.

  2. I also like how you talked about the mistakes that you had made when you started your essay. When I wrote my Proposal essay, I mainly focused on the negative effects of social media on news. When I did more research on my topic, I found many positive effects that social media has on news. From then on, I also started thinking outside the box and expanded on my knowledge about the factors that influence social media’s effects on news. To answer your question about how technology is being used to cause harmful effects on the relationship between doctors and patients, I think that technology is making the relationship more innovative.

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