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Blog Posts #10 – Who Owns Your Education Data

"I have read and agree to the Terms of Service," is in fact the biggest lie on the internet.  The terms and conditions of many online websites, applications, school sites and other things have always been overlooked by many, let alone skimmed through.  People unknowingly can be agreeing to give away all of their  information that they post without even knowing because of how tedious it can be to read and understand the extensive terms of conditions of many sites.  The simplification for quick understanding of terms and conditions could greatly help those who would be unaware of what they are signing.  Personally i have only read through maybe a third of a Terms and Conditions from anything in my life simply because i knew what i wanted to do within the app but found it too tedious and time consuming to actually read the whole thing.

In the crowdsourced project TOS;DR, i found it very interesting what the terms of service were for major websites and how they could keep and use your personal browsing info for multiple purposes.  After going over multiple reviews of websites like youtube, Facebook, twitpic, and Skype it makes me think twie about joining sites like that simply because you ultimately have no control over anything.  For example the three companies i just stated have the ability to change their terms whenever they want without notification which is very troubling.  Also when you delete things you may not be able to see them but the company running the site will still and always have information or evidence of what you deleted, which i believe is not very good.  Some applications such as Skype will not allow you to delete your account after it has been created.  It will always be there in some way.

Things like that make me feel that it would be a good choice to allow the user to interact and negotiate with the terms and conditions of using a site or app, ESPECIALLY if changes are being made.  I would not appreciate it if i was using a educational technology such as D2L/Brightspace and long after I'm finish using it an outside party would be able to view my browsing.  I strongly believe that there should be  laws to set limits on what terms of service all web apps providers can require.  The most important thing is that users of these apps need to pay closer attention and educate their selves on the terms of service of the web apps they are using. Paying attention to fine print is the way to go after researching this topic.

Blog Post #7 Defining Plagiarism

Plagiarism is defined by Wikipedia as the “wrongful appropriation” and “stealing and publication” of another author’s “language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions.”  I personally feel that it is wrong to take the work of someone else and credit it as your own.  In a academic setting though, i feel that even though it is still wrong the disciplinary actions are a bit extreme in most cases.  Most universities would possibly kick a student out of school if found guilty of plagiarism on just one assignment.  Instead of punishing a student and stopping their road to higher learning completely i believe just a failing grade on the assignment would be enough.  There are multiple angles and steps that should be taken when it comes to plagiarism that could be more helpful.

A meeting of the student and instructor could be held to solve further plagiarism.  "Why did the student plagiarize?" should be a goto question.  It could indeed the fact that the lesson or assignment that is being given by the instructor not meaningful or too generic for the student?  Is there something going on in the students personal life that could be effecting the amount of energy they can put into the work.  If these are some of the things that could be in play the instructor has a duty which is to help the students learn the best way possible.  The instructor could try a different way of gibing a lesson plan or try helping the student out with their schedule to insure that the work can be done in an organized manner without plagiarism.  It is not only the students responsibility to do their work and not plagiarize but also the instructor responsibility to give the most memorable and effective way of learning for students.

Blog Post #10: TOS Education View Point

Education is a very important part of our lives, for adults and college students alike; we learn something new every single moment of the day, whether we are typing a blog post or reading a case brief. One thing I know all of the world is guilty of, especially me because there is no one lazier than I, is failing to learn about the Terms and Services which come with almost every app and website we have access to. Failing to read the TOS is one of the biggest mistakes anyone out there could make; did you know some of our rights can be taken away through TOS? With the idea of TOS being very pertinent to the education of the app or website we are using, should schools be obligated to respect the rights their students have on school orientated websites? Without a doubt, schools MUST be obligated to respect their students rights for two main reasons: we pay money to have access to these websites and therefore we should get the full extent of our money but also because the irony of a school restricting the right of a student of access an educational website is unheard of. Speaking in specific, Georgia State should respect student rights due to tuition and their obligation to the student education. Colleges and schools alike need to respect their students as if they were apart of the system, which brings up another question: Should schools involve students in negotiations for rights? I don't believe students would be up in arms to negotiate for their rights online, just because of the microscopic attention given to the TOS anyway, but I do believe students should have the right to negotiate for them. There might be some students who are involved enough. There should be more attention paid to the TOS, mostly because of they dictate the way we use things (apps, websites, etc.) and how they use us (tracking, microphone, etc.).

Multimedia and me

My essay was sturctured to be easy to read. As I was writing it I made sure it was visually appealing and simple to understand. A lot of this was through proper blocking of the essay. In my essay one major point was to make sure that none of the paragraphs were too long. When they were they looked like walls of text.

The paragraphs that were too long also teded to try to cover too many topics. By paying attention to length it also helped my make sure that paragraphs stayed on topic.  Otherwise there wasn't much multimedia in the research essay but there was some in the proposal. That took the form of imagery of data. It showed a chart to justify one of the claims I made. This chart helped to allow people to see and derive the information that I had. It also worked as evidence that didn't need to be explained. It allowed readers to experience the research that I did as well so they could see where I was developing my opinions from.

Imagery has not affected my writing that much but the spacing of paragraphs has. Making sure they don't drone on has been a big consideration for me when writing.

Blog Post 11:Research Essay Summary


My research essay is about how the ethics of video games are not progressing as quickly as its advancement in technology. Gaming journalism is still mostly biased, women don't receive fair or equal treatment as men in the same gaming professions as them, and game publishers are selling uncompleted, retail-feature lacking to customers. All of these are bad practices in the video game industry  that need to be changed, reformed, or abolished.

The resource that I found particularly valuable was an article written by Leah Burrows on The Boston Globe. The article, titled Women Remain Outsiders in The Video Game Industry, provided me with factual statistics, a personal antidote, and other credible information that I implemented in the video game gender ethics section of my multimodal essay.

When it comes to unanswered questions on unknown video game ethics, I don't think that exists. Most ethical problems in the video game industry are typically known to the general public. People have the solution to these ethical problems, but no one in the video game industry wants to be the first or pivotal figure for this new era of game ethics, because the game publications, developers, and press are all profiting off of these unimplemented changes.

Utilizing Multimodes



Technology plays a major role in human development, especially with my topic of genetic engineering. We are around technology every hour of every day, and the multimodal research project has made me aware of this fact. Most people, including myself, are so used to using technology, that we sort of become blind to the fact that we are using it. It is important to utilize a variety of modes in academic writing. They add diversity and can be more effective in terms of engaging our audience than a paper with all text.

I will be including images in my research essay. I will also be referencing many videos in my essay as well. One such video is called "The Next Species of Human." In this TEDTalk given by Harvard scientist Juan Enriquez, he demonstrates how current technologies, such as hearing aids, have evolved over time and predicts how they will continue to evolve in the future. This source is credible, because TED is well known company, and only the world's most innovative and influential individuals give presentations there. Enriquez uses multimedia such as pictures and video in his speech to illustrate his point, and also utilizes humor to further engage his audience. This source adds diversity to my list of sources used, because it is someone giving a speech on the subject.

Having multimodes puts your abstract ideas into concrete examples and statistics that you can see and hear for yourself, which in turn leads to a better understanding of your topic by your audience. As for the layout and font design, I will keep it simple by using the standard MLA format. The photos, charts, and videos already add to the multimodality of my research essay, and having too much going on could be distracting and confusing for the reader. It is important to have a balance of both so your argument does not get lost or overlooked.


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Interacting With Technology

Genetic Pic

Imagine a world where diseases and disorders were almost nonexistent. Every human being had desirable traits and was perfect in every sense. Going to the doctor’s office for being sick and not making the school sports team because you were not physically up to par will become a things of the past. Advancements in technology are happening at a rapid pace, and these scenarios may just be the reality in the future due to genetic engineering. The Oxford English dictionary defines genetic engineering as the alteration of the genome of an organism by laboratory techniques, especially by the insertion, alteration, or removal of a gene. Everyone will be utilizing this technology to better their children and grandchildren.

Humans have already managed to modify animals, such as the cloning of Dolly the sheep in 1996, as well as plants and other crops. Genetic engineering is one of the most controversial topics in science today because of the arguments regarding whether or not this process is ethical. It is a universal idea that a person is born the way they are and little can be done to change that. As time passes, people will probably reject this idea and genetic engineering will be something that is needed to have a healthier population.

The article "The Hazards of Developmental Gene Modification" discusses the negative consequences that may come with genetic engineering. With any technology, there are risks, and it is important to be literate about how the technology works. It states that there is always room for human error. There could be a "miscalculations" in where a gene is supposed to go. You could possibly end up with a baby with three eyes or only one leg. The author discusses the ethical issues as well and argues that replacing a kidney does not change the "nature" of a person, but replacing a gene does. This article is credible, as the author, Dr. Stuart Newman, has a PhD in this field and is a professor. This shows that he is knowledgeable on genetic engineering. A flaw with this source is that the author cites the Council for Responsible Genetics as a source, which is the website on which the article is published. That raises suspicion for biases. Also, Newman frequently uses specialized jargon. It proves he is knowledgeable on the subject, but simultaneously creates a disconnect from anyone who is not in the targeted audience of the scientific community. My other sources focus of what good genetic engineering can do, and this article is the opposite. This will provide another perspective in my essay.


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Blog Post 12: Multimodality

In my multimodal research essay, which highlights the controversial issue of whether or not the excessive use of social media and technological communication is good or bad for society, I have added some images that support some of the topics and sources that I incorporated into my multimodal research essay. My research essay will include visual, linguistic, and spacial modes while I make my argument. For example, when I talked about how the social media site Instagram is what people use to depict their beauty and how they want people to characterize them, I posted a picture of the logo which also depicted what it was and what you can do on this social media website. In my multimodal research essay, I have many statistics, so I will be providing a graph that proves the credibility of these stats in my research paper. Furthermore, since I mentioned a TEDtalk by Sherry Turkle, I will be posting a link to her video in my essay as well. These multimodal compositions that I will incorporate into my research essay are all supporting evidence for the sources that I talked about in my research essay. All of these compositions have their own contextual language as well because each of them are sending a message to the audience.

I believe that adding multimodal composition to my research essay really helped increase the credibility of my essay because they were all sources from researchers, academic scholars, and professionals. Furthermore, adding multimodal composition to my research essay really helps the audience understand the different viewpoints about what other sources think about this controversial issue as well as my argument about this issue. It will add more evidence to the argument that I am making on my research paper, which highlights that the excessive use of social media is actually bad for society (pertaining to kids and adolescents.) It makes my research essay more interesting to read as well. There is more detailed information. Not all information has to be linguistic, it can be visual as well.

To present my argument in this research essay, I have decided to divide up my paper into subtopics that portray the benefits of this issue as well as the negative aspects of it. I will have a literature review section in my research essay. I will use the spatial mode to space out the information in my essay. Then I will have another subtopic making my argument about what side I choose and provide evidence about my argument. I will make the subtopics in bold, which will make it more apparent for the audience to see. The font size will also be a little bigger. These are the ways on how I will present my argument in this multimodal research essay.




Connecting the dots by Jcook


As of right now I have multiple quotes inside of my paper because my paper relied heavily on the opinion of traditional journalist, bloggers, and users on social media. I am actually relieved that we are able to add images because I wanted to add some graphs that shows how our digital age is effecting our social platform. Sometimes it is very hard trying to explain my views of something to another person without that person having prior knowledge.

My goal for this paper is to make it as simple but powerful as I can. Although, I am still researching different view points of my question I think I have already figured out the solution. So now I have to backtrack my thoughts and try to connect the dots so my readers understand my position on my topic. I never thought about it before but I would not mind putting in a few video clips of the conference I speak so much about in my paper. I am thinking that if you guys are able to hear what I heard at those conferences then maybe the light bulb will turn on as it did in my mind. It was a aw ah moment I had during those videos were I knew it was a problem between journalist ethics and social media.

A few weeks ago, I attended a meeting were a CNN editor gave some great advice to people who inspire to work at CNN. She said you should find articles that you enjoy and you should practice writing like the author. Eventually, we will develop our own form of writing and we would become someone else's favorite writer. Every since she told us that I have been trying to model my work like other authors.

In the past, I received my lowest grades on my essay organization. So this time I was  focusing more on that so I can get better. My ultimate goal as a writer is to be the best I can be. I want to look back over my older articles and cringe because I was horrible then I got better and better. So I think I got a large amount of practice this semester. I do not think I wrote this many rough drafts in my life. LOL

Blog 12

In this class I have been introduced to the idea of multimodal texts which means using two or more modes of communication to make meaning. I found out that all texts are multimodal even a research paper. One might not use an image or sound to tell the story but written language (linguistic mode) and physical arrangement (spatial mode) will be present. The way the text is organized (page margins, page layout/spacing, font type and size, etc.) is how the audience will be able to tell the difference between let’s say a blog and a research paper. The way we use language is also very different. In a blog we might use a more casual language; we might not even be very interested checking for misspelling while in an academic work we need to pay particular attention to word choice and the organization of sentences and paragraphs.  The book says “knowing what kind of text it is, it will influence the way the audience reads it” (Writer Designer pg. 3)  Even though the development of multimodal text is often  correlated with the growth of digital communication technologies, multimodal texts don’t have to be digital.

For my research essay besides the linguistic mode and spatial mode, I will also use the visual mode.  I will include two images to compare the pre-digital age and the modern family. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words…so they say. Images attract and persuade the audience. In my opinion if the images are strong they can support an argument just as a scholarly article would. Speaking of font and font sizes, good choices are Arial 10, Times New Roman 12, and Calibri 12. Always double space the document. I will stick to basic black as my color of choice when it comes to writing a college paper :) Ornate and pseudo (false) handwriting fonts are usually not used for professional purposes.