Blog #10 : Who owns your education data?

I do agree with the fact that people don't fully read and understand the Terms of Service agreements on websites and I for one, personally, am guilty of this. I do realize that it is such an important thing to go through and read and analyze especially when it can deal with so much of my personal and sensitive information and that said website or corporation can do so much with it, that I would be completely unaware of. If a school such as Georgia State University, or any educational facility has a program like Desire to Learn, they should base their terms of service around their student's utmost benefit as a moral obligation to them. I do feel any school should do that, but with this being a university, a university is always business as well and I doubt that they would make a system in which doesn't make as much profit as they can off of the students. I do believe that there should be laws in place that limit educational institutions from acquiring certain types of information from their students that are too personal. I understand that many of this information gathered is used for is demographics and research purposes but even then, that can be too personal. Laws should be enacted on companies that deal with students and just people in general. Some information from people can be too vital and confidential and corporations shouldn't be able to do with it as they please, especially when it is common knowledge that people do not go through the terms of service.

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