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My multimodal research essay had to deal with the negative mental and physical effects that came with the overuse of technology, and surprisingly, there are quite many of health risks. I want to use the multimodal aspect of my research to expand upon it in a way that no words could actually bring towards the research essay. To sum up my research essay, I had discovered that overuse of technology such as looking into an electronic screen for too long can actually give you digital eye strain, which is a temporary discomfort in your eye, but can at times, be very deadly to your sight.  Studies have also shown that a prolonged exposure to Wi- Fi radiation can actually damage and slow down the flow of sperm cells in a male. To expand on the mental health effects people that spend too much time on social media can actually feel more lonely and depressed and also when people with a heavy use of technology and suddenly have it removed, they can go through withdrawl symptoms similar to those of drug addicts. With these negative effects being brought upon in an individual it is no wonder why society as a whole is being more negatively affected by the overuse and misuse of technology as well.  This video further explains on how it even hinders teen education and I completely agree with this since it lines up with alot of the research I have done as well.

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