Blog # 3

I do believe we shouldn't be judged from what we post online as though that can be a means of personal expression but the Government should have some sort of involvement in monitoring what is being posted online due to the dangers of threats and terrorist acts being enacted upon. Many people say that there should be no monitoring on the internet when people post, but that would make sense if everyone on the internet didn't say questionable and possibly threatening things on the Internet. Contrary to popular belief,  I do stand by this belief that the government should continue to monitor the usage of the internet. Technology can protect personal autonomy to a certain extent when it can be used to reflect a personal situation or any particular type of positive topic. The topic of autonomy being protected by technology can provide an answer that can go both ways. Autonomy can be protected but can it actually thrive without an external government guiding it?  The fact of self expression and self governing should be protected and respected but the reality is, not everyone can maintain this right as their actions can be judged as questionable at the least, so this raises the question not if they should be protected, but can autonomy protect itself. In terms of regular human life, away from technology, I feel as though we are autonomous at certain times because we always are in control of our thoughts and actions so  we do have self control over that body, but there are also times where we are also not truly always autonomous because we all still follow the rules of society and the government that have been laid out for us. We still adhere to basic social norm, so in some senses we are not autonomous, so therefore the answer to that question is completely dependent on the context in which it is being asked. Limitations on autonomy can be a good thing, it allows people to be able to be maintained and keep them from acting out on a whim, there is a certain social standard that people would have to measure up to to allow them to be accepted as proper members of society, such as not committing crimes or harassing people. Certain limitations like the law, can be good for society as a whole so people don't take the wrong actions into their own hands and create their own certain twisted way of justice or doing everything as they please and it allows for there to be a sense of order and prosperity in our environment. So to sum up, autonomy can be a good and bad thing and it should be protected but to a certain extent and depends on the context of what autonomy is leading towards.

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