Blog Post 11

In the beginning of the semester I knew I would like to discuss the impact of social media, as not only am I a frequent user of the twitter, facebook applications available. But I also believe it is a game changer in our lives, due to the amount of productivity that can occur just through our smartphones, and laptops. Through the research I have done all semester it is safe to me not just us are benefitting from the social media. Companies test out prototypes to a limited number of people, and can use twitter to receive back their feedbacks about the test product. I also learned that there is a rough correlation between celebrities who are heavily engaged in twitter and instagram to their stardom. One article used Kevin Hart as a brilliant example that supported this claim.He is not only successful and funny behind the cameras but is known to put celebrities to blast on instagram whom wear "flamboyant outfits". With the semester about to wind off at the conclusion of this week- I would like to know if my classmates who comment on this believe in the next 20 years virtually everyone will be on these media mediums? If not, why? Because at this moment there are certainly more pros that cons for being active on the various applications out there.

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