Blog Post #11

Thesis: A previous argument made, stated that the overuse of cell phones, social media and technology in general can show many negative effects in society such as increased anti-social behavior, social anxiety, and an overall distance between real life connections with the people around us and this shows that we as a society have regressed in our face-to-face social skills and is constantly deteriorating as our society becomes more technology-dependant. But, if it has these negative effects on society as a whole, how does it affect a single human being in an individual matter? Research has shown that the increased use of technology in a person’s everyday life can also have negative effects on their mental and physical health throughout their lifespans.


What I am trying to do is convey the point that in addition to my previous research topic that technology hinders true face to face social interactions with one another, it can actually bring upon negative mental and physical health issues along with it. I was still investigating good facts to back up this claim and research studies one by many universities and news articles are the real pieces of evidence that helped me to drive my points further and further and be able to elaborate more on them. I still have questions on how serious are all these effects on the general public or do they only occur in certain people and what are better ways that I can revise a thesis to correlate better with strong main points and help to provide great detail to said points?


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