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My research essay is about how the ethics of video games are not progressing as quickly as its advancement in technology. Gaming journalism is still mostly biased, women don't receive fair or equal treatment as men in the same gaming professions as them, and game publishers are selling uncompleted, retail-feature lacking to customers. All of these are bad practices in the video game industry  that need to be changed, reformed, or abolished.

The resource that I found particularly valuable was an article written by Leah Burrows on The Boston Globe. The article, titled Women Remain Outsiders in The Video Game Industry, provided me with factual statistics, a personal antidote, and other credible information that I implemented in the video game gender ethics section of my multimodal essay.

When it comes to unanswered questions on unknown video game ethics, I don't think that exists. Most ethical problems in the video game industry are typically known to the general public. People have the solution to these ethical problems, but no one in the video game industry wants to be the first or pivotal figure for this new era of game ethics, because the game publications, developers, and press are all profiting off of these unimplemented changes.

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  1. I like your take on video game ethics and the sexuality problems that exist. However,I wanted to know if you could expand more on the problems? Suprisingly enough, I am not a gamer at all, so I am fairly unaware. However, I believe like these and other racial or sexual orientation problems can only be solved by people being fair, realistic, and not ignorant. Being ignorant is the cause of so many problems- because something is different, many people conclude it is bad, which is terrible. I hope going forward we see an increase in the amount of female gamers in the industry thrive,and so when you reflect by 2025 this problem should be eradicated!

    1. Its just a essay about creating equal reform for women and increasing the standards of fairness and quality, while creating awareness for video game distribution to be handled lawfully, and on a fair platform. These are typical problems that arise with every new industry. Once the corruption of the newly established industry disappears, and more open minded men and women join the video game workforce, the industry will become better for all.

  2. I like how you talked about the main topic of your research essay and the current situation of gaming journalism. It is also good that you went in more depth about the article that you used. Even though I have not done much research about gaming journalism, I have heard about the gender discrimination going on in that industry. Once people are more encouraged to emphasize reforms to prevent issues like this in the future, we will see big changes.

  3. I do believe that women aren’t fairly represented in video games as credible gamers or gamer journalists, but I do feel as though the issue is very over exaggerated. I feel as though that there are many strong female characters in gaming that represent themselves as strong, independent women, such as Samus or Lara Croft. But I do agree that women still don’t receive the fair treatment that men do in gaming, but it isn’t as crazy as people make it out to be.

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