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My topic for this semester research essay is the various ways social media has impacted our lives. I centered my research on apps like twitter, facebook, to discussing social media in the work place, to various movements that have sprouted up due to an interesting tool twitter provides called "Hashtag".I am pro- media, and I believe more people should use these mediums because it can certainly increase productivity in all ends.

For my essay, I would use just a picture which just shows consumers usage in these apps, and the growth.2014-B2C-content-marketing-research-social-platforms

The above graph depicts all content provided in these mediums. However, not all content is relevant or appropriate- This is where users discretion comes into place. Using a multimodal way enables the author of each essay to not only through text make their stance, but also through statistics from charts, and short videos. However, for my particular essay, I relied more on the authors and writers research to make my stance, but i was certainly aided through the pic above. My work was in the simple nature of an essay, with my picture posted below for viewers to see the underlying message and conclude.

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  1. Your summary was well-detailed, with statistics and basic quick facts of what your essay was about. You also answered the questions required thoroughly, and had good flow throughout your summary!

  2. Along with summarizing the purpose of your research essay, you did a great job of expressing the sources that you took into account. It is also good that you took a stand how you feel about social media’s impact on our lives. Personally, I took a positive stand towards the overall effects that social media has on news.

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