Blog Post #12

I plan on using multimodal composition to further my reader's understanding of the research I have done. Sometimes seeing things make more of a lasting effect than just reading something. I will be using these rather than just pictures because they a more interactive and will hopefully draw the reader further into the my paper. By using tables and video, I will be able to show that the research I have done is actually factual and that I am a reliable source.

I think that the great thing about multimodal evidence is that it adds to a paper in a way that words can't. By adding video, I exoect the reader to be more interested in what I am speaking about and I expect it to help keep their attention. Although, the multimodal evidence and the research I have done go hand in hand in my paper, my evidence hasn't influenced my research. My research influenced what evidence I chose. I went with videos and graphs so the interactive experience would keep the readers attention while reading a paper about science and the medical field, which can be a little dry.

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